2015.03.01 - info@drapskunstrecords.net

All tapes from Hird are now sold out from here.
A few copies remain at these distributors:
Behold Barbarity (North America)
Merchant of Death (Germany)
Sword Productions (Spain)

A new tape release will soon be announced.

2015.02.25 - info@drapskunstrecords.net

Available now:

The new tape from Hird. Raw swedish black metal.

50 copies
8 tracks
34 minutes

2014.12.29 - info@drapskunstrecords.net

During the years we've received a great number of e-mails sent by apparent racially and/or mentally defect sub-humans. Due to this we want to make the following disclaimer:

We do not wish to release your "dark germanic"- or self-pitying trend black metal. Black metal is to be performed and enjoyed by white Aryans only, taking pride in their heritage and in their struggle against the jewish world tyranny of modernism.

We do not send parcels to non-white countries.

Content in our releases such as artwork, symbols and lyrics is to be considered as part of the artistic freedom and creativity. We will never apologize or be intimidated for the work of our bands so antifa (or anyone else for that matter) shouldn't care to make us do, say or state anything else.

- info@drapskunstrecords.net

Grafvitnir signed for Carnal Records for their coming release(s), and I will send the remaining copies of the vinyl to CR for distribution.
If you want to buy a copy and continue your support for Grafvitnir, visit www.carnalrecords.com

All other Drapskunst-releases are sold out. A new tape will be presented soon.